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Each one of our services are backed by more than 20 years of experience in global marketing strategies and analysis. We'll help you see your data more clearly, and create actionable insights to improve your brand's bottom line.

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Marketing Analytics

Media mix modeling and attribution

CAC, CPA, CPO and ROAS analytics

Full funnel performance reporting, analysis and visualization dashboards

A/B Testing analytics and optimizations

New product and brand launches

Omni-channel and multi-distribution strategy

Marketplace strategy and measurement

Customer Database and Retention

Lifetime sales, lifetime value, repurchase rate projections

Customer database and cohort file value analytics

Customer experience strategy

Membership retention strategy

Financial Analysis

Revenue and media forecasting

Gross margin and merchandising analysis

Ad spend target setting

Project ROI and capital investments analytics

S&OP and Inventory forecasting

Data Management

Database architecture and system recommendations for marketing and financial goals

Business rules and KPIs: define, develop, implement

Streamline and automate data collection, cleansing and reporting

Analytics Training

Develop and train internal resources

Recruit and connect prospective candidates

Build marketing analytics organizations within your business

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